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Cadillac Super Cruise

Cadillac Super Cruise

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Simple to use

Using Super Cruise is really simple: Push the steering-wheel mounted Super Cruise button to activate the system, center the car in the lane, wait for the green steering wheel icon to appear in the instrument cluster and the solid green LED light to appear on the top of the steering wheel, then let go of the steering wheel. You are now Super Cruising.

Want to make a lane change while Super Cruise is enabled? You can pause the system by simply grabbing the wheel, using your turn signal, and performing the lane change, then handing the steering back to Super Cruise by centering the car in the new lane and waiting for the solid green steering wheel LED light. While paused, the LED light on the steering wheel will blink blue, indicating the system is paused.

Cadillac Super Cruise

Cadillac Super Cruise

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This isn't a set it and forget it system, though. While Super Cruise handles the steering and speed, you still must supervise. No, you can’t go and watch a movie, read a book, or put your makeup on. Want to send a text message, write a tweet, or see who liked your cat video on Facebook? The system makes it difficult, though not impossible, to do these tasks, as the steering column-mounted camera is always watching the direction of your head and eyes. If both aren’t on the road for more than 4 to 5 seconds the system will flash the green LED light on the steering wheel, as if to yell at you for being distracted and not supervising.

Fail to turn your attention back to the road within a few seconds and the system disengages, the steering wheel-mounted LED light flashes red, and the controls are handed back to the driver.

Should you not take control within another few seconds it will activate the car’s hazard lights, bring the car to a complete stop (yes, in the lane you were driving in—better hope the cars behind you are paying attention or you’ll have larger issues), and OnStar will call your car. Should you not pick up the OnStar call, first responders will be dispatched as OnStar will assume you're having a medical emergency at this point.

The system only works once you activate it. While active, the system handles simple curves in the road, and uses speed limit data, your current speed, and map curvature data to slow the car to the necessary speeds through the curves, then resumes the preset speed.

Should you encounter a tunnel, the system can go up to 0.62 miles using Dead Reckoning (a process in which one's position can be calculated, usually used on the sea or in the air, by estimating direction and distance traveled) thanks to on-board data that will continue the car on its current course.

To be crystal clear: You can't get into a CT6 with Super Cruise, program a destination into the navigation system, and tell it to drive you from your current location to your final destination. It only works on highways when you activate it, and if you need to make a turn, you'll have to pause the system as described above.

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