For youngsters who have only known the "Fast and Furious" franchise to be about explosions and high-flying stunts, there was a simpler time. It was a time when the craziest stunt a character pulled was leaping off of a semi truck onto a Toyota Supra, the film was released on VHS, and a star car was none other than a Volkswagen Jetta. We miss those days.

New fans of the series may not recognize this guy, but it's Chad Lindberg, the actor who played Jesse in the original "The Fast and the Furious" from 2001. And this is a replica of his car: a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta. Dominic Dubreuil, marketing director for "OctaneFix" magazine and devoted "Fast and Furious" fan, painstakingly re-created the Jetta.

In this video, Lindberg himself is brought in to the Quebec-based performance shop called GAB Eurosport to be introduced to the replica of his Jetta. Glorious nostalgic feelings ensue.

Lindberg's character wouldn't make it past the first film, but Jesse birthed some of the most iconic catchphrases that are still uttered at parking lot car shows today. The car gods' prayer, "overnight parts from Japan," and other classic lines left Lindberg's lips. At the reunion, the shop and everyone in attendance are clearly elated to see Lindberg with the car. We're not sure if Lindberg is trying to channel his inner Jesse, or if he's simply that chill in real life more than a decade later.

Toward the end of the video, a replica of Brian O'Conner's Mitsubishi Eclipse, also built by Dubreuil, is rolled in. O'Conner is the character played by the late Paul Walker. Lindberg doesn't leave before placing his autograph on the Jetta.

So, step back in time with us by pressing play up above.