There’s that old saying stating, “rules are meant to be broken,” but sometimes, rules are rules.

That’s especially true when it involves governments and smuggling various items across the border. It rings even truer when that particular item happens to be a Ferrari LaFerrari on the verge of meeting the crusher.

As local news outlet Fin24 reports, the owner of this particular LaFerrari attempted to maneuver around South African import laws and smuggle the exotic car into the country in 2014. The owner reportedly couldn’t come up with the money to cover the import taxes and fees (but could buy a seven-figure Ferrari?), so authorities seized the car which has sat in a warehouse ever since.

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Fast forward to today, and the authorities are said to have handed over the LaFerrari so that the owner could take it out of the country, apparently across the border to the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, 24 hours later, he returned to the border trying to sneak the car back in. We’d venture to guess this guy forgot his thinking cap at home.

The owner tried to convince authorities the LaFerrari was, in fact, a completely different Ferrari altogether. So, let’s tally this up for a moment. This guy can theoretically afford two Ferraris, but can’t scrape together the money for proper import taxes and fees. Alrighty then.

As you can imagine, the plan didn’t work. Now, if the owner cannot justify why he’s bringing the car into the country and pay the dues, the LaFerrari might soon become La crushed Ferrari.