Let's say you're in the market for a muscle car. You love the look, sound, and styling of the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and the Dodge Challenger. There's a problem, though. You live in an area with real winters and need a vehicle capable of trudging through slush and snow. If you can live with a downsized "muscle" car engine, then Dodge has a vehicle for you. It's called the Dodge Challenger GT. To prove it's winter-weather prowess, the automaker took it on a journey to Alaska and made a commercial.

The stage is set with dramatic views of snow-covered roads in our northernmost (and westernmost) state. This is Alaska, and Dodge is looking to send 'Murican engine noises over the ice-covered sea into the Russian motherland. It's doing so with a drifting, clawing, snow-running muscle car.

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The Challenger GT is able to do this because it's packing the all-wheel-drive running gear that's available on the likes of the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Charger. This is a system that is rear-wheel-drive in standard driving, but instantly sends torque to the front wheels when needed.

Unfortunately for the more hardcore muscle car fans out there, the Challenger GT is only available with the V-6 engine. That's not a terrible thing considering the 3.6-liter unit is good for 305 horsepower. It's backed up by that delightful ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic gearbox.

We hope that a V-8 and a stick find their way under that hood at some point. Then Dodge can truly lay claim to the idea of an all-wheel-drive American muscle machine. 


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