Modifying you car can get expensive very quickly.

Still, you want to take it to the track and any method of eeking out a quicker lap time is one at which you're going to look. Where do you get the most bang for your buck? Jason from Engineering Explained is here to break it all down with science.

We will spoil the answer for you if you don't have a ton of time to spend on the video above. Using a hypothetical car and a ton of math, the answer boils down to upgraded tires are your easy ticket to quicker lap times. Jason's example vehicle is stock for Car 1. He then calculates that vehicle having an advantage based on new tires for Car 2. Car 3 sees the hypothetical vehicle have its horsepower and torque doubled.

It's clear, and expected, to see Car 3 have a higher top speed. Still, Car 2 is able to turn more quickly. This is the advantage that goes a long way into lowering the time it takes you to run from start to finish. Jason uses a book called "Physics for Gearheads" to help with his calculations. We're glad he has that book, because there's no way we're doing that math on this one. Still, it's interesting to see it all laid out. Of course, we expected tires to trump power though. Those four contact patches make a world of difference on the track.

Now practice your rev matching and start lowering your lap times.