Prior to SEMA, we saw enderings of an interesting mashup between a Ford Mustang GT and a Ford GT. The car debuted at the show in the flesh. It is called the GTT, and it's the creation of the Corona, California, shop Zero to 60 Designs. There's more Mustang than GT here because the car started as a Mustang. However, we find the look to be interesting and well integrated.

The lawyers from the Blue Oval brand have reportedly been paying attention to the GTT. According to Motor1, the lawyers met with the Zero to 60 Designs team and have hashed out a naming plan for the car that is reminiscent of what Singer and Porsche have with the 911. It can't be called the Ford Mustang GTT.

It's now called the Zero to 60 Designs GTT. There is no mention of Ford or Mustang, and the original Mustang GT rear badging has been updated so that it no longer uses Ford designs.

We have to applaud Ford for not outright putting a stop to this unique machine. The design actually looks pretty cool, and we hope to see a GTT on the street down the road.


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