If you are a resident of Norway, underwater floating tunnels might be in your future. We already have tunnels that go under water, but they don't float and that means they don't deal with changing tidal conditions and the rather potentially violent forces at play under water. Still, it seems that Norway doesn't have many other options at this point to connect its citizens in a more timely manner than traditional ferries can provide.

Norway, if you're not familiar, is a land filled with fjords. These narrow sea inlets are so deep that you can't lay a tunnel on the sea floor, and you also can't put up a suspension bridge. Norway's engineers are working on a solution that involves these novel floating tunnel concepts.

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The basic idea is that a pair of tunnels will sit side-by-side about a hundred feet under the surface. They'll remain in position thanks to a number of floating pontoon sections that keep the whole system afloat. This allows the tunnels to move with the changing surface conditions, but engineers believe it would feel like a normal tunnel to the driver motoring below.

If you're scared of confined spaces, you probably already dislike tunnel driving. This ups the ante quite a bit, and we imagine there will still be a ferry waiting to shuffle you across the fjord.

Regardless, we can't wait for the first action movie to simulate filming in such a tunnel and the potential nightmare destruction that is possible within.

Norway is designing a floating underwater tunnel

Norway is designing a floating underwater tunnel