What did you do for Father's Day this year? A young man named Steven Aghakhani took his father's Bugatti Veyron out for a blast down an airport runway. It unfolded at a Shift-Sector event in Colorado, where Steven's father Armik was hoping the boy would blow past the 200 mile per hour mark. He did just that, racing through the traps with a speed of 202 mph.

For my father? I ordered him a golf book off Amazon and accidentally sent it to the wrong address. To be fair to me, though, my dad doesn't have a Veyron I can borrow.

It's not amazing that Steven hit 202 in a Veyron in a straight line, of course. The amazing part comes when you find out that he's just 13 years old. Steven is a young man with serious potential in the racing world, as he started karting when he was young and has climbed his way up to be a development driver in the Lamborghini Blancpain series. While it's nice to have the support of a caring father who also happens to have tons of money, it seems that Steven is working quite hard to pursue his passion of driving cars quickly.

Additionally, it's even more refreshing to hear that Steven is quite focused on his schooling as well. There's a great interview on the DuPont Registry that has both father and son talking about their racing plans. In that piece, Steven mentions that, for him, his schooling takes top priority and he some day hopes to take over his father's CPA and Business Consulting firm.

So he can drive quickly, has perfect financial backing, has a loving father who's supporting him every step of the way, and he has a good head on his shoulders? Good for you kid, and good luck on the track and when hitting the books.