Remember this video from a few days ago which appeared to show a disgruntled skateboarder smash the windshield of a McLaren 12C? In the clip, you can see the British supercar cruise through a stop sign and nearly hit a street-crossing skater. The driver then proceeds to honk at the skater which understandably upsets the young lad. After that, the lad shows his frustration by smashing the windshield of that lovely little machine.

It's a video that took the Internet by storm for a few days, but like most videos on the Web it seems there's more than meets the eye. It turns out the video is a hoax. The person who posted the clip to YouTube happens to be the same person that owns an exotic car rental shop in Denver. It's called Mile High Motors, and the 12C is one of the vehicles available for rental.

This particular car was due to get its windshield replaced and the owner decided to have some fun with the whole thing. I'll admit that it would be terrifying to willingly smash the front glass on any car, but it's also a pretty funny way to prank the world around you. They're owning up to the hoax as well, which is also a good move after such a prank unfolds.

The latest video highlights that you shouldn't believe everything you see or read on the Internet, which is true. I'm actually a AI system designed to filter random search-optimized news systems directly to your eyes on daily basis. THANK YOU FOR READING, HUMAN CAR ENJOYER.

The biggest takeaway from all of this? The message to not film your videos vertically. That needs to be repeated over and over until everyone learns.