Flash back to 1961 and imagine the most glamorous First Lady ever to take up residence in the White House: Jacqueline Kennedy. To capitalize on her elegance and popularity, executives at Ford Motor Company loaned Jackie a gleaming white 1961 Continental four-door convertible for tooling around Washington, D.C.

Of course, the First Lady's ride needed a few special things added to it, namely some Secret Service-grade equipment so her detail could keep tabs on her while she was out and about. After November 1963, Lincoln Continentals and the Kennedys were forever linked, but the once glamorous droptop's image was tarnished.

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After its service with the First Lady, the Continental convertible was sent to a Ford dealer in suburban Maryland and sold to a member of the public—with its Secret Service gear removed. Instead of simply being used and ultimately scrapped, however, it was eventually restored and has remained well known ever since. 

Now, Mecum Auctions will offer Jackie's Continental for sale as part of its diverse Monterey auction, which includes a Ferrari LaFerrari and an Aston Martin Vulcan as headliners. The auction takes place in mid-August, on the sidelines of the area's fabled car week. The auction house hasn't said what it expects to be the final price when the gavel comes down, but it is safe to assume that the car's first occupant will considerably increase its value over a standard Continental.