A wealthy Australian man has built something that is a lot more impressive than your childhood bedroom's Batman posters and model cars. It's a "Bat Garage" replica of Bruce Wayne's parking structure from the Hollywood flick  "The Dark Knight."

As detailed by Molecule and originally pointed out by Motor1, the garage even includes a secret entrance that looks, to the untrained eye, like a tennis court. Hydraulics lift a portion of the court to expose a sloped driveway that descends into what really should be Wayne's lair. Like in the film, the garage's roof is lined with lights that give it an almost sky-like look that bathes the owner's exotic car collection in an elegant light.

Real life Bat Cave

Real life Bat Cave

From above ground, there is no indication of what lurks beneath. The home itself is a red brick affair with white columns that doesn't look much like the Tudor mega-mansion typically depicted as the fictional Wayne Manor in both the comics and any movie, including "The Dark Knight." If anything, that subtlety makes this garage all the more surprising. 

No word on whether there's a real Batcave to accompany the garage, but maybe that's the kind of thing this owner wants to keep secret. 

What isn't much of a shock, however, is that the garage is shown with the kinds of cars Batman would probably drive if he wasn't in his Lamborghini Aventador or, of course, Batmobile. Examples include an Aston Martin, a Maserati, and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.