Our friends at Hagerty Insurance spent six grueling days rebuilding a Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Flathead V-8 that they bought at the Hershey Swap Meet last year. Fortunately for us, they've condensed this epic project down into about six and a half minutes in this highly-entertaining video.

You don't have to get your hands dirty to enjoy watching the folks from Edelbrock and Traverse City, Michigan's Thirlby Automotive grab their spanners and set to work on the V-8, which was installed in a 1946 Ford pickup.

Hagerty bought the engine at Hershey and drove the truck for 4,000 miles before deciding to give the engine a proper, thorough rebuild to better-than-new specifications. 

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The time-lapse video is positively mesmerizing and it shows off just what is involved in rebuilding an engine. The attention to detail is truly staggering, even for a relatively simple engine that is so well supported with aftermarket parts like the iconic Flathead V-8. 

The Ford Flathead V-8 has been treasured by hot rodders for decades. It became popular both because of its excellent, reliable design and because of its affordability. The 1932 Ford was really the first car accessible to a wide audience powered by a V-8 engine, something that Detroit would become known for over the next few decades.