It's a good day, with plenty of sunshine.

Yesterday, all your automotive troubles seemed so far away. Today, though, you have car stuff big and small to get excited about. Case in point is this first-generation Dodge Viper that we've found on the Lego Ideas page. All it needs is the love of 10,000 people and it can move on to the review phase, and then possibly become an actual Lego set.

The project is the skilled handy work of user BenPSmith1977 who uploaded his creation for review. It's an excellent attempt to create a miniature version of a curvy vehicle using square building blocks. The exterior is solid, but the under hood space and interior compartment are where the Lego Viper really shines. The attention to detail in those spaces is excellent.

Lego Ideas: 1st-Generation Dodge Viper

Lego Ideas: 1st-Generation Dodge Viper

Lego has created an amazing place for skilled block builders to upload their creations. Here, others can view the various cars, boats, spaceships, movie characters, and set pieces that have all been submitted. From there, if a creation gets 10,000 support button clicks, it moves on to review by the Lego team. After that, if it gets a final thumbs up, it will be made into an actual kit that goes on sale. The builder gets credit as the creator and even receives royalties from the sale. It's an amazing program that benefits both the Lego community and the brand itself.

So if you like this Viper kit, head over to its Lego Ideas page, and all you need is to love it. Show it some support and hopefully it makes the jump to the review process. Come on people, come together over this one. Let it be one of the ones that makes the leap.


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