Icona is a design house with Italian roots but is based in Shanghai, China where it has access to a number of Chinese automakers, both established and up-and-coming. The company was only founded in 2010 but has close links to Italian firm Cecomp, which for more than three decades has been building concepts and pre-production models for the major automakers.

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Icona’s first concept was the Fuselage sedan, which was rolled out in 2011 but failed to make headlines. The company then followed up the sedan with the Vulcano supercar, which certainly made waves thanks to wild styling, a V-12 powerplant and titanium construction. Last year, Icona developed a very different concept, a city car called the Neo.

At the 2016 Festival International Automobile Paris held last month, Icona rolled out the Neo and confirmed a few new details. It’s an electric hatch designed to carry four adults and its edgy styling has been inspired by the latest architectural trends seen in Shanghai, where most of the design work was carried out.

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In-wheel electric motors are used in the concept and the peak output registers at just 28 horsepower. Though low, the power rating should be adequate for such a car’s primary role of hopping around town. Unfortunately, there's no word if there are any plans to put something like the Neo into production.


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