Italian design and engineering firm Pininfarina will present its first concept under the ownership of Indian conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra at next month’s 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

A teaser for the concept was released recently but reveals little of the actual car. The teaser likely depicts part of the car’s nose as seen from above.  

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In a statement, Pininfarina described the car as “exciting,” “innovative” and a “technological jewel.”

Pininfarina has used the Geneva show in the past to unveil striking concepts meant to showcase the design firm’s talents to potential customers rather than preview production-bound models. Recall, Mahindra is allowing Pininfarina to remain independent so that outside firms will still be able to contract it for work.

In the past, Pininfarina has brought concepts like the Cambiano and Sintesi to Geneva. More recently, the firm showed off the Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 458 Spider-based Sergio, which managed to spawn a small production run for some well-heeled collectors.

We’ll have all the details soon as the Geneva Motor Show gets underway March 1. In the meantime, learn about some of the other vehicles set for the Swiss show by visiting our dedicated hub.


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