Virtually every automaker in the luxury segment and even some mainstream makes offer personalization options direct from the factory.

Lotus saw the need more than a decade ago but due to limited resources at the time outsourced its personalization work to tuning firm Mansory. The company later launched a limited service known as Lotus Exclusive, which it has now transformed into the new service Lotus Chapman Bespoke.

The new service is named after Lotus founders Colin and Hazel Chapman, and offers a full range of personalization options. Working closely with Lotus's design team, Lotus Chapman Bespoke will be able to offer options as simple as custom badges and interior trim right up to one-off builds.

The options will fall under three core groups: Tailor Made, Collection, and One-off.

Lotus Chapman Bespoke

Lotus Chapman Bespoke

Tailor Made will offer customers the choice of colors, trim materials, and certain personal touches. Collection will offer curated limited-edition vehicles crafted by Lotus' design team and in some cases developed with partners including artists and luxury brands outside of the automotive sector. One-off, as the name suggests, enables the creation of a unique build.

Lotus Chapman Bespoke will be launched in China in April before being rolled out to other markets in the following months. Timing for the U.S. hasn't been announced.

Personalization services have become extremely popular in the luxury segment. Companies like Ferrari and Rolls-Royce enjoy demand for some form of personalization from almost all of their customers. Those companies also offer everything from distinctive color and trim options right up to one-off builds each costing millions of dollars to commission.