Ferrari Special Projects

  • Ferrari SP51

    Ferrari has revealed a new Special Projects car based on the 812 GTS.

  • Ferrari SP48 Unica
    Ferrari SP48 Unica: One-off supercar benefits from 3D printing

    Ferrari's F8 Tributo has served as the basis for the latest one-off Ferrari.

  • Ferrari P80/C at Monza
    The Ferrari P80/C looks wild lapping Monza

    The P80/C rides on a race car chassis and was designed as a modern interpretation of classic Ferrari sports prototypes like the 250 P and 330 P3/P4.

  • Ferrari P80/C
    Ferrari P80/C: New Special Projects car imagines a modern-day Sports Prototype

    Ferrari's latest one-off supercar from the Special Projects division is a track-only car based on the 488 GT3 race car. The car is Ferrari's vision of a modern Sports Prototype and takes inspiration some classic racers like the 250 LM and 330 P3/P4.

  • 2011 Ferrari SP30 heading to auction, via RM Sothby's
    Ferrari SP30 Special Projects car heads to auction

    This could be the first time a Ferrari Special Projects car will cross the auction block, and that should make it a high-bid piece of machinery. The car is the Ferrari SP30, a one-off model that originally made the rounds as the Ferrari SP Arya before it was given the SP30 name. According to the...

  • Ferrari SP3JC
    Ferrari builds bespoke SP3JC roadster on bones of F12 tdf

    The most loyal of loyal Ferrari customers are sometimes provided the opportunity to commission their own coach-built Prancing Horse via a program known as Special Projects. There have been some real beauties over the years, such as 2016's 458 MM Speciale, as well as some oddball creations that...

  • Ferrari Monza SP1, 2018 Paris auto show

    Ferrari fans longing for a return to the elegance of the marque's earlier cars are in for a real treat as the automaker has just launched a pair of stunners based on the 812 Superfast. They're called the Monza SP1 and SP2, with the “SP” in the name referencing Ferrari's Special Projects in-house coachbuilder and the numerical component corresponding to the number of seats. Both are strict speedsters, and while their design may be retro the technology within is the most advanced in the Ferrari portfolio. The Monza SP1 and SP2 were presented last month during an investor meeting at...

  • Teaser for new Ferrari debuting on September 17, 2018
    Mystery Ferrari to be unveiled September 17

    Ferrari looks set to unveil a new model at its headquarters in Maranello, Italy on September 17. The new model is code-named the F176 and thought to be based on the 812 Superfast. This suggests it might be a one-off model developed by Ferrari's Special Projects coach-building service, or possibly a...

  • Ferrari SP38
    Ferrari SP38 channels the iconic F40

    Ferrari has unveiled the latest creation from its exclusive Special Projects program. The program lets the most loyal of loyal Ferrari customers build their dream Prancing Horse based on the donor chassis of an existing model. And the latest Special Projects Ferrari is the SP38 which is based on...

  • Ferrari J50 celebrates 50 years of Ferrari in Japan
    Ferrari unveils limited-edition J50 roadster

    Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] has unveiled a brand-new limited-run model created as a celebration to commemorate its 50th anniversary in the Japanese market. To that end, Ferrari created a new model called the J50. Under the new skin it's a 488 Spider, but this version is a real roadster with a removable...

  • Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione - Image via Ferrari F12 TdF Facebook page
    Latest Ferrari Special Projects car is the F12-based SP 275 RW

    If you’re one of Ferrari’s [NYSE:RACE] most loyal of loyal customers, you may be fortunate enough to be invited to commission a bespoke coachbuilt car, a one-off developed by the automaker’s Special Projects division. Ferrari has been churning out the Special Projects cars at the...

  • Ferrari 458 MM Speciale
    Ferrari 458 MM Speciale is the latest supercar from the Special Projects division

    Ferrari's [NYSE:RACE] Styling Center has finally taken the wraps off of its latest Special Projects car: the one-off 458 MM Speciale inspired in part by the 288 GTO of the 1980s and based on the 458 Speciale. Like that now-classic GTO, the newest Special Projects car's A-pillar has been blacked...

  • Mystery Ferrari 488 GTB-based car spotted at Fiorano test track - Image via Zero2Turbo

    Could this mystery car spotted at Ferrari’s [NYSE:RACE] Fiorano test track be the next Special Projects creation? The car is clearly based on the new 488 GTB but doesn’t look to be sharing any body panels with the turbocharged mid-engine supercar. Even the shape of the glasshouse has been changed and now resembles the jet fighter-style cockpit made popular on the Nissan GT-R. READ: Porsche 960 mid-engine supercar back in the spotlight The unique elements and the fact the car isn’t camouflaged suggest it’s a Special Projects creation. Only Ferrari's most loyal customers...

  • First photo of alleged Ferrari SP FFX
    First look at latest one-off Ferrari, the SP FFX

    Leaked patent drawings that showed up last October weren’t revealing Ferrari’s replacement for the California but rather a one-off version of the FF developed under Ferrari’s ultra-exclusive Special Projects program. A photo of the completed car has now surfaced, revealing a...

  • Ferrari SP Arya Chinese patent image
    Ferrari SP Arya patent image leaked

    Ferrari's latest special project car is getting closer to completion. This patent image leaked to Car News China appears to show a hardcore GTO version of the F12 Berlinetta but, it's actually the one-off 'SP Arya' supercar commissioned by petrochemical magnate Cheerag Arya. The SP Arya is based on...

  • Cheerag Arya's one-off Ferrari SP Arya - image courtresy of The Official Ferrari Magazine
    Ferrari SP Arya is the next Special Projects car from Maranello

    Like most of us, Cheerag Arya collects things as a hobby. While we focus on more attainable pursuits like 1:18 scale car models, single-purpose automotive tools or used beer coasters, Arya finds himself in the enviable position of collecting actual Ferraris. He can trace his passion for the brand...

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