Dwayne Johnson’s Fast and the Furious persona Luke Hobbs turned out to be one of the more popular characters of the franchise, so much so that there’s been talk of movie spinoffs centered on the Diplomatic Security Service agent.

Now we have confirmation from the man himself—Johnson, not Hobbs—that such a spinoff is in the works, though it will be playing out on the small screen and won’t actually star Johnson. He’s producing it, though we hear he may still make a cameo.

The show will be called Boost Unit, and in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter Johnson said the show would feature on Fox—if it’s successful. He’s still developing it and hasn’t confirmed whether Fox has given it the green light yet.

Johnson did give some details on the premise, however. The show will follow the story of a new recruit at the LAPD's Auto Theft Task Force, bringing to TV audiences some of the insane action and hard yards that staff at the real-life squad go through.

“I've had a lot of bad ass fun in the Fast & Furious franchise and this show will capture that kind of intense and entertaining action based off of the real life individuals who make up one of the most bad ass (and underground) street units of the LAPD,” he explained.

The photo above was taken on the scene of the current TV show Ballers, in which Johnson plays a leading role.

Stay tuned for more.


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