Mere months ago it was confirmed that despite Paul Walker's death there would be three more Fast and the Furious movies. When does it stop? Apparently not even after that. While it might be curtains for the standard series after Fast And Furious 10—or will it be Furious 10, Fast 10, the mind never ceases to wonder—Vin Diesel told Variety that the team is in early stages of creating prequels and sequels.

No story lines or characters have been confirmed, but Dwayne Johnson—who plays Diplomatic Security Service Agent Luke Hobbs—has made it clear in the past he'd like to see his character branch out into his own adventures. Break out the baby oil because things could get slippery.

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While Universal Studios is game to back these spinoffs, it's keen on working on the last three Fast movies first before creating an Avenger-like universe.

For the next Fast and the Furious film there's a new man in the director's seat, F. Gary Gray, the director of Straight Outta Compton. The goal is to change the dynamic and feel of the series with these next three films.

Diesel told Variety, “We have a director who is going to bring the darkness out and bring out the character."

While the last three films in the franchise have continued to raise the bar when it comes to unrealistic, gravity defying stunts, the focus and feel is about to shift according to Universal Studios. Jeff Shell, chairman of the studio, told Variety, “Eventually you have to really focus on the story. We’ll still have big stunts but bringing in this amazing storyteller is going to be great.”

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While Diesel has confirmed he feels he has three more Fast and the Furious movies in him, Universal brass feels there might be some flexibility in that number.

Whether it's five more movies or perhaps spinoffs with prequels and sequels, if you have a money tree in your back yard you don't chop it down until it's literally dead and rotting, right?

Now might be a good time to buy stock in baby oil.


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