Bugatti recently confirmed that its Veyron successor will be called a Chiron and make its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Spy shots of prototypes reveal a car with a similar look and shape to the Veyron albeit with some added aggression.

We now have some details on Bugatti’s plans for the open-top version of the car, courtesy of Autovisie. According to the Dutch website, the open-top Chiron won’t feature a removable targa-style roof like the Veyron Grand Sport models but rather a t-top design with two removable panels, one either side of a central bar running the length of the cabin.

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Such a design is said to have been chosen to help maintain rigidity. It will also help preserve the design of the car, which will feature a central spine inspired by the design used on classic Bugattis such as the legendary Atlantics.

The open-top Chiron is said to be arriving in 2018. It’s likely this version will be offered in lower numbers than the coupes, just as there were only 150 Veyron Grand Sports (including the Grand Sport Vitesse models) versus the 300 Veyron coupes. Total build slots for the Chiron are expected to number 500.