Trademarks for the C40 and C60 names registered by Volvo hint at new coupe or convertible models from the Swedish automaker. Volvo registered the trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on November 5 for use on land motor vehicles. A trademark for C90 was registered by Volvo back in 1996, though it’s no longer live.

Automakers often register trademarks for names they want to protect from being used by other firms, so the discovery of these latest trademarks shouldn’t be taken as confirmation that Volvo will actually launch cars with the C40 and C60 names. However, Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson has said in the past that the automaker will eventually consider launching a new coupe or convertible, but only after the arrival of more important, higher volume models.

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That means we shouldn’t expect a sporty two-door from Volvo until the end of a decade—at the earliest. Before then, we’ll see new S90 and V90 range-toppers, next-generation versions of the S60, V60 and XC60, plus a new generation of compact cars based on Volvo’s CMA modular platform. These compact models will likely include a new S40, V40 and XC40.

Volvo’s last two-door, the C70, bowed out of production in 2013, which means the automaker is lacking a sporty, aspirational model in its lineup. Many hoped the void would be filled when the automaker rolled out the stunning Concept Coupe at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, though the concept was said to only be a preview of the new design themes for Volvo’s upcoming cars based on the SPA modular platform.


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