Yes, it's time to start getting excited. The Ford Focus RS is on its way to these shores, and it must be getting close because the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] just released a quick ad ahead of its arrival. It's just a 16-second spot, but it's enough to keep you very interested in the car.

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This is part of a new Ford campaign with the theme By Design. It's a campaign for the automaker's cars, and it runs in parallel to the Built Ford Tough tagline that's become inextricably attached to the brand's trucks. Additionally, if you pay attention to the end of the ad you'll notice the spot plays with the Ford script a bit, which is something the brand hasn't done in the past.

By Design will target the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Mustang, and you're going to see plenty of new spots for each car. We hope they throw one together for the new Ford GT too, not that it needs a spot...we just want to hear it growl.

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