After observing their children playing the Forza video game, most parents would probably suggest their offspring get down to something more constructive.

But then again, most parents don't race a Ford GT called the Black Mamba. 

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Armik Aghakhani purchased the $265,000 McLaren 650S supercar after seeing his son Steven's virtual prowess and subsequent skill on the karting track. Now, the son races alongside the father at competitions like the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack.

At the 2015 Portland Airstrip Attack event, the tween trapped at 162.1 mph in the standing mile, and won the Exotic class. He'll probably be a pretty good shoe by the time he's actually old enough to get his license. Obviously, we're insanely jealous of Steven's octane-soaked upbringing, but we still managed to enjoy the video.

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We'll watch what happens with this young driver with interest.  


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