Remember the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed? If you're a Porsche fan you probably do, because the event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the brands iconic 911 in a major way. British artist Gerry Judah created a soaring monument to the beloved machine, which stood high over the heads of those in attendance at Goodwood. Porsche clearly loved the piece, because they've commissioned Judah to create a more permanent version right in Zuffenhausen.

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The new piece is called Inspiration 911, and it is pretty similar to the original one placed in Goodwood. Here Judah has affixed three different examples of the 911 atop three massive pillars. The pillars run 78 feet into the sky. Up in the air sits a 1970 911, a 1981 911, and the current 991 911.

This work of Porsche art sits on the grounds of the Porscheplatz, which is also the location of the assembly line that produced the first 911 back in 1963. Today, a Porsche Museum stands on the grounds, and now this towering monument pays homage to the vehicle that moves the brand forward. 

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