Looking to dress up your new Ford F-150? You could find some Harley-Davidson stick-on vinyl, or you could stick with a brand that makes sense for a Ford vehicle. Roush has released a kit that adds a bit of aggression to your pickup truck, and it throws in a bit of performance enhancement to boot. This isn't a full-on multi-stage upgrade program like you'd find for a Mustang, but it's certainly a start.

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Starting at $10,600 over the cost of the truck, this Roush package adds a new front grille with clearance lighting, an updated bumper cover, some fender flares, and a tailgate treatment. There's a Roush graphic for the top of the windscreen and a stripe piece for each side.

Thankfully, the kit doesn't add just looks. It includes a set of 20-inch Roush wheels, which are wrapped in 305-55 series tires from Mickey Thompson. A full Fox suspension system sits at the corners, and it features upgraded springs and shocks. Further enhancing the appeal is a signature Roush side-exit style exhaust system.

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While we'd like to see a bit more grunt added to a truck bearing the Roush name, we're at least happy to see something like this for the F-150. If we had to guess, we'd bet this is just the start of more to come.


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