Yes, we know... We post a lot about the Alpha Omega GT-R. That's because we love the car, and everything the AMS team is doing to it. They've taken a pretty fast machine and turned it into an absolute animal. Many records have fallen in its wake, and now there's a new one the team can add to its trophy wall. The AMS GT-R has just set a new quarter-mile record for the R35 GT-R.

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Running at Milan Dragway in Michigan recently, the AMS-prepped GT-R set off for a handful of passes before it went for its record run. The earlier runs were all in the sub-8.0-second range, with the car trapping in the 190-mph range. That's crazy fast, but the car needs to be a little bit faster to grab a new quarter mile record.

Since this is the AMS team we're dealing with here, you know they're able to reach out and get that "little bit more" required to finish the job. The record falls as the Alpha Omega GT-R runs down the quarter mile in 7.48 seconds. That's such a lightning fast run, and it's being done in a car that is still technically street legal and occasionally street driven. Sure, it's also wearing giant slicks and a mondo parachute on its behind, but it's also plated and has its full interior in place.

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Congrats to the AMS team on another victory. We, like you, have no clue where else you can take this car, but we know you're going to find out and we look forward to watching.


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