You're probably not going to get a chance at Pikes Peak glory. It's expensive to build a car for the race. Expensive to get the car to the race. Expensive to get your crew to the race. That's all before we even get to the bit about whether you have the skills to keep the car on the road. You might think you've got what it takes, but you've never actually pushed your car and yourself to the limit on that twisting, climbing, tight stretch of tarmac.

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Well, now you can at least get a bit of understanding into how your Pikes Peak experience might go down thanks to the game Dirt Rally.

Though it may be fully paved now, the run up to the summit of Pikes Peak is still an exciting event. You're dealing with nearly 12.5 miles of road that bends itself over the course of more than 150 turns. The road rises from 4,720 feet at the starting line to 14,110 oxygen-sapping feet at the finish. The best of the best seek to make that jaunt in under ten minutes.

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The track itself looks rather nice in this particular video. We will say, however, that we're more in love with this gaming setup. That's three screens, a wheel, and pedals... and we need it for ourselves.

Dear Thrustmaster,

We've been very good boys this year. Promise.


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