Burnouts are polarizing. Some folks love them, while other seem them as a way to waste money, rubber, and time. We here at MotorAuthority generally find them quite enjoyable, because we're children (both at heart, and mentally). Some burnouts, however, don't exactly get our hearts pounding. Take, for example, the burnout shown above. It's done using a classic Camaro, which is a good start for any burnout really.

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What happens next though is... well, it's just sad.

The driver of said clean and classic Camaro notices that a person watching him motor by is holding a video camera. This brings about a moment of inner excitement for the Camaro owner. His time has come to show off a bit, and that's done by way of a burnout.

The engine revs and the rear tire eventually starts to spin. The rear end slides to the left a bit but the owner seems to have it all under control. The brake is released a bit more and things start to fall apart. The rear end waves for the camera and now the owner isn't quite as in control as he was before. This Camaro is now pointed at a light pole and, despite the lack of real speed present here, the owner seems unable to to avoid his fate.

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His pretty Camaro is about to face off with the light pole, and everyone involved is going to come out a loser.


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