Thanks to the likes of Magnus Walker and Singer, owning and restoring a classic Porsche 911 has never been more popular. Another reason is that Porsche, through its own classic car department Porsche Classic, is making it easier for fans to find all the necessary parts for their project builds, with Porsche Classic now even offering complete dashboard recreations.

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Featured here is Porsche Classic’s recreated dashboard for 911 models from years 1969 to ’75. The new dash features a design that’s true to the original but developed to meet today’s standards. You’ll see this primarily in the areas of fit and finish. The types of materials used have also been updated as newer materials are much more resilient to wear and tear, especially from weather related effects.

The recreated dashboard consists of a modern substructure and the original surface design. The fluted texture, tactile feel, gloss and shade of black are designed to be as close as possible to the original. The new dash can ordered now from any dealer in the U.S. and is quite reasonably priced at just $1,353, excluding taxes and shipping charges.

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Note, the dash needs to be installed by the original assembly procedure—which involves removing the windshield. This is why Porsche Classic recommends the replacement be performed by authorized Porsche dealer partners who have trained experts.

Porsche Classic deals with all Porsche models older than 10 years, and also handles original delivery and maintenance documentation should you need to trace your vehicle history. The department is building up its international network over the next several years to approximately 100 authorized Porsche dealers who will become Porsche Classic partners. This means that a Porsche dealer closer to your neck of the woods may soon be able to help with your own classic.


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