Magnus Walker doesn’t look at all like what you’d expect a Porsche collector to look like. He wears oil-stained jeans, not designer slacks, and it’s a safe bet that none of his shirts come with a tiny alligator logo on them.

He wears his long hair in dreadlocks, and you can tell from his chest-length beard that blending in at the country club isn’t a priority for Walker. On the other hand, he can trace his passion for the Porsche brand back to age ten, when he visited the Earls Court Motor Show with his father.

Shortly after, Walker wrote to Porsche, saying he wanted to be a designer for them when he grew up. In typical Germanic form, Porsche responded along the lines of, “when you get older give us a call.”

That call never came. Instead, Walker and his wife Karen first gained notoriety through Serious Clothing, a line of fashion designed for musicians. While fashion design may seem like a stretch from automotive design, it paid well enough for Walker to indulge in his passion of collecting early Porsche 911 models.

Walker’s stated goal was to have one example from every model year beginning with 1964 and ending with 1973. He’s nailed 1964 through 1972, but this close to his goal he appears to lost interest in finding a 1973 911 (unless, of course, the right car came along). These days, he’s more into 1970s 911 Turbos.

Walker occasionally restores and sells cars, largely through word of mouth. It’s clear that he has an amazing talent for both the mechanical and artistic components of automotive restoration, so we’re not surprised that his projects sell without advertising.

Filmmaker Tamir Moscvici has produced a documentary on Walker’s amazing story, called Urban Outlaw. We’re giving you the three-and-a-half-minute teaser to the film above, but the entire video can be seen on Also, we recommend you take a look at Walker's website, for more on his back story and his incredible collection of vintage 911s.