You can file this one under Enthusiast Victory. It's that small dusty drawer at the bottom of the filing cabinet... yeah the one with barely any papers in it. In a surprising bit of news, it seems that Homeland Security will be returning a large pack of Land Rover Defenders that it previously seized. About a year ago, agents coordinated Operation: You Can't Have This Neener Neener where they grabbed over two dozen Land Rover Defenders.

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The vehicles were all imported by the same North Carolina Land Rover lover. Federal authorities believed this man had swapped VINs on the cars in order to get around that pesky (and stupid) 25-year Import law. So armed with their VINs and guns, the Feds snatched up these assumed-to-be-illegal Defenders, with the intention of having them crushed.

That's when attorney Will Hedrick stepped to the plate and battled the government. Hedrick believed the Feds were in the wrong on this mass seizure. Turns out he was right too, as Hemmings reports that all the cars were correctly imported. This means they're all going back to their owners. Oh, and Hedrick really loves standing up for the enthusiast because he took on this case pro bono.

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Count this one as a victory for those who love special machines. 


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