A new Need For Speed video game is coming, and it looks amazing; a Tesla Model S P85D breaks the dyno; and a real-life Hoverboard has us thinking we’re Marty McFly. It’s The Week In Reverse, right here at Motor Authority.

Need For Speed has been entertaining us for years with its arcade antics, but for the latest version of the game, it looks like things are stepping up a notch or two, with hyper-realistic graphics and some stunning car choices.

As Texas goes from drought to flash floods, one man and his Jeep were caught by surprise. It can happen to anyone, as moving water can be deceptive in its force, and flash floods can rapidly rise from minor annoyance to geographical catastrophe.

If you’ve ever though Ford really should have built a V-12 engine for Le Mans back in the ‘60s, Jan Baker is your new hero. Starting with two Ford V-8s and some spare parts, he fashioned exactly that—and it’s a 552-cubic-inch, odd-firing monster.

Got torque? The Tesla Model S P85D does, and it has it instantaneously thanks to the black magic (or, as engineers would call it, physics) of electric motors. Here, that instantaneous torque turns a dyno into a pile of broken parts.

You probably know all about the four-cycle combustion process of a typical engine, and you may even be up on the Atkinson cycle. But do you know—like, really know—how a differential works? Even if you do, it won’t hurt to watch this video, as it’ll help you explain things to other people.

And finally, folks, there’s a hoverboard in existence. A real, no-BS, actual flying around doing stuff hoverboard. and it’s awesome. It’s not exactly like the one we dreamed about every weekend since Back To The Future II—it’s more like a two-rotor giant drone you can stand on—but it’s awesome anyway.

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