Here you have it folks: the Tesla Model S P85D is so ferociously, inconceivably badass that it actually broke the damned dyno the instant the hammer was dropped.

The explanation? Instant torque from the electric motors just surprised the hell out of that unsuspecting dyno, causing it to give up the ghost. Just before it did, however, instant torque measured at more than 700 pound-feet--at the wheels.

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That's a significant reading considering the car is rated at 691 horsepower and an indeterminate amount of torque. Of course, we've seen it rate at up to 864 pound-feet on the dyno before, so this 700-lb-ft reading is nothing particularly special. Also, the P85D has been dynoed before without breaking the machinery, so some of this is likely down to dyno maintenance and technique. Still, it's an impressive display, and one you won't see everyday. It also explains how the P85D manages to do so well in its ongoing mission to race all the things.

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