If the apocalypse movies of the 1990s taught us anything, it’s that if you need something impossible, unlikely, impractical, and utterly awesome done, and you want it done yesterday, you call in the rednecks. This V-12 Le Mans Ford engine that never was but already is makes a perfect real life example.

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The donor list for this build is just as monstrous as the result: two Ford 302s, three Cleveland heads, a pair of ignition systems, two oil pumps, and one hell of a big brain in the form of Jan Baker.

He then goes on to explain the odd-fire sequence and other aspects of the engine.

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Baker, in typical redneck style, insists it’s not rocket science. But from where we sit, it’s one hell of an engineering challenge, solved simply and brilliantly. The result? 697 hp and 576 lb-ft of torque. Monster.

And that sound… oh, that sound.

Check out the full details at Horsepower Monster.