Donkervoort builds insane machines that are clearly designed to find the great roads of this planet, conquer them, and then take on the rest of the galaxy. Once their mission here is complete, we look forward to hearing of their tales of universal conquest. Until that time comes, they still have some roads to do battle with planetside. There's a new weapon to aid them, and it's naked. Donkervoort has just completed its latest D8 GTO, and this one is finished with bare carbon fiber body work.

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Now, if you already know about the Donkervoort build process, you'll be aware that the body panels on the stock D8 GTO are already produced in carbon fiber. Usually though, these pieces are painted. A customer has requested that the carbon fiber of his machine be unpainted and quite visible. This is not easy. The men and women at Donkervoort are not content to simply slap the panels together. Instead, they have to hand lay all of the pieces so that the carbon fiber weave lines up when the panels are bolted into place.

It's a painstaking process, but one that results in a stunning car when it's all finished. If other potential customers are out there desiring the same thing, Donkervoort is ready to dish out more of the naked D8 GTO goodness. This initial car is called the Bare Naked Carbon Edition. We can't wait until there are enough naked D8 GTO examples produced so that a group of them could be properly referred to as "an orgy of Donkervoort".

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