The Ferrari LaFerrari hardly seems like it needs an upgrade, especially so soon after its unveiling, but an upgrade (NOT A RECALL) is in progress. All LaFerraris will be given this upgrade (NOT A RECALL) in the near future.

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LaFerrari’s feature set will be expanded through the new upgrade (NOT A RECALL) by way of a gas tank that is less prone to catching fire. The improved non-burning experience of owning and driving LaFerrari makes this a significant upgrade (NOT A RECALL).

Of course, the upgrade really isn’t necessary, as Ferrari says there’s no serious safety risk to owners, and hence this is NOT A RECALL. Instead, the owner will submit their prized hypercar for an 8-hour job of re-coating the fuel tank.

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The upgrade (NOT A RECALL) will be performed as part of the standard service schedule for LaFerrari, and will cost nothing to the owner.

More as news of the upgrade (NOT A RECALL) develops.