The Ferrari LaFerrari has been in customer hands for less than a year, but already we’ve seen an example involved in a crash and now we have a photo depicting what is said to be the first LaFerrari to have caught fire. As the photo reveals, there is some damage at the rear of the car that looks like it was caused by fire.

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The fire is said to have started while the LaFerrari was taking part in the recent Trento-Bondone Hill Climb in Italy, where this photo was taken. A reader of The Supercar Kids, Maicol Zenatti, said he saw the car at the Trento-Bondone Hill Climb and that there were “flames from bottom rear.”

A video has also been uploaded to YouTube by user Babylon Car Video showing the LaFerrari during the Italian hill climb. The car comes into view at the 36 seconds mark and as it rounds a bend you can see smoke billowing from the center of its rear diffuser.

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If the Ferrari flagship did catch fire, hopefully the incident is a one-off. You may recall that Ferrari’s 458 Italia was involved in a series of fires soon after its launch and had to be recalled by the company.


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