Remember the Pagani Zonda? It's a wild supercar that went out of production back in 2013. Of course you remember it. Of course you also know that despite going out of production, there seems to be a new "last one" made every six months or so. The Pagani lovers over at Prototype Zero got a look at the latest last Zonda, which is called the ZoZo.

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This Zonda is outfitted in the 760 setup, which means it's packing a 760-horsepower 7.3-liter V-12 AMG engine. No word on whether it is also equipped with a manual gearbox like Lewis Hamilton's car or the sequential setup found in other Zonda examples. The ZoZo naming comes from the fact that its owner owns an online mall called ZoZoTown. Good money in online malls. You can see more photos of the car over at Prototype Zero.

We're not entirely clear how many Zonda examples have been produced in 760 guise now. It's most likely less than ten in total though. We're not complaining about it either, mind you, as we love having more of these beasts roaming the globe. Maybe we can see a ZoSo version next, for some insanely wealthy Led Zeppelin fan.

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