A Ferrari 250 GTO is a glorious automobile that also happens to be actual rolling artwork. It's a combination of stunning body lines wrapped around a glorious engine. It's also an exceedingly rare car, which helps make the average selling price (when one comes to auction) exceedingly high.

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We're talking many millions of dollars that are needed to put a 250 GTO into someones collection. There are replicas out there, of course, but most can't hold a candle to the real thing. A builder in New Zealand, however, might be crafting the best replica examples on the planet.

Based out of little more than a glorified shed in Oamaru, New Zealand, is the workshop of Rod Temporo. He and his team are tremendously skilled at the task of taking bits of metal and leather, and turning it all into rolling art. Temporo isn't starting with something like a Fiero and grafting bits on to it. Instead, his shop is capable of building an exacting replica of a classic machine and doing it all from scratch.

The body lines are formed by hand. It's all bolted together piece by piece, and the process can take up to four years. It's clearly worth it all in the hand as you can see from the driving footage (and noise) provided in the video above. We're not sure what it costs to build such a fine machine, and it can't be cheap. We're pretty sure though, that it doesn't come anywhere close to the asking price found for a real example at auction.

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And what's the better choice here for someone who truly loves driving? Having the investment piece and never driving it or having an exact replica and covering as much tarmac as possible?

...Okay fine, the real best answer is driving the investment piece, but it wouldn't exactly be settling if we were to put that replica in our garage either. 


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