Sure, a great number of Ford Mustangs will wind up as rental vehicles in locations like Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Florida. The convertible V-6 versions will make many visitors happy as they escape the cold weather from whence they came. It's not just a rental special though, and the Ford Mustang will wind up in garages all across the country. Some adventurous folks may enjoy taking their cars out into the cold, and that's why the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] has to make sure the Mustang can handle extreme temperatures.

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The Ford climate testing center is clearly up to the task of creating weather. Inside the climate controlled building, Ford engineers can unleash tremendous heat and frigid cold. Additionally, the environment can be changed to simulate a high-altitude mountain pass, a humid zone, or even a low visibility blizzard. It's during these conditions that engineers can see where any weak links might occur that cause serious vehicular issues.

You don't always think about what blinding snow can do to the components under your hood. Watching the video above shows just how much snow could end up in your air filter and in other sports. It's quite eye opening to see the results, but it's reassuring to know that the automakers test for things like this.

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Also, if you want to take your Mustang on a trek to the Arctic, you should be able to do just that... assuming you jack it up and swap in some aggressive winter tires, of course. Oh, and don't forget the kitty litter.

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