"Annihilates" is a pretty strong word here. It's the title that the uploader has chosen for a video showing a Dodge Challenger Hellcat making a few runs from a roll against a new Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The two cars are running side by side down the highway, you hear the three honks of a horn to signify the race, and then both cars take off. This is 707 horsepower versus 650 horsepower, and it's America versus America on a Texas highway.

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We wouldn't go so far as to call this annihilation. It's a victory to the more powerful Hellcat, no question. We're also not going to get as upset as our friends over at CorvetteForum. In a straight line, the Hellcat should be expected to whup some butt. When the action takes place on a race track, we'd expect a different outcome given equal skill in both drivers.

Either way, there's nothing to get angry about on either side. Let's be happy that such ridiculous and wonderful cars exist in the first place, while looking forward to more battles, especially once the Shelby GT350 arrives to take part in the fun.

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