There's Goodwood. There's Le Mans. There's the Indy 500. There are many events that an automotive enthusiast must attend over the course of his or her life. For me personally, one of those events is the Australian Summer Nationals, aka the Summernats. It's a four-day festival honoring high-horsepower machines that are devoted to delightful displays of hoonage. One of the defining moments of every Summernats is the burnout battle. In 2013, the Summernats set a world record by having 69 cars destroy tires at the same time.

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This year, however, they upped that figure by quite a bit. The new record, ladies and gentlemen, is 103 cars.

Running in Australia since 1988, the Summernats continues to impress every year. A representative from Guinness was on hand to verify the record attempt, and when the smoke cleared the title was handed over. We'd imagine that seeing and hearing 103 cars preform burnouts at the same time is on par with witnessing prototype race cars cross the line after a hard fought endurance battle. Well.. for some of us at least.

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Watch the video. Revel in the destruction of 206 tires. Then go and add the 2015 Summernats to your Must Go Automotive Enthusiast Travel List. Nothing like burnouts to ring in the new year.


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