Hankook currently churns out a wide range of rubber designed to suit the various needs of those driving on the street, and those who take it to the track. In the future, however, Hankook will become the gold standard for those seeking to win the upcoming death race spec series; the company's designers recently unveiled three concept tires to help highlight this inevitable march toward a dangerous (but no doubt highly rated) sport.

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First on the list is the Boostrac. It's designed to be driven on tarmac, but if the driver needs to venture off road it has treads that push themselves out. This allows the driver to get more grip on softer surfaces.

If the racing ventures into colder climes, the Alpike can be affixed to the race vehicle. In normal mode, the unit appears to function like a grippy performance tire. Should the driver encounter snow, however, the tread will separate to create deep channels. This will provide necessary traction on the slippery stuff.

Finally, when your opponent forces you to take a path through some water, you'll be quite thankful for the Hankook HyBlade. Like the others, it seems to function as an aggressive performance tire on the street. This one has a rather surprising trick up its rubbery sleeve though, as the panes on the wheel can transform into propeller-like blades. In this setup, the tire and wheel will allow you to traverse your watery path.

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As we march toward our inevitable death-race-filled future, it's nice to know that someone out there is already hard at work on putting teams on the podium. If you're going to race and want to survive, you're going to want to race and survive with Hankook.


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