Ryan Tuerck has been having tremendous amounts of fun in the latest season of Tuerck'd. The Network A web show has seen Ryan blasting to locations all around the globe to share his love of tire destruction and general automotive shenanigans. On the latest episode, Tuerck lays down a wicked run up a normally quiet Vermont mountain road.

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His weapon of choice is his modified Scion FR-S, which is putting out 600 horsepower, a battlefield full of noise, and tremendous smoke. While the car is bouncing off the limiter, Tuerck manages to keep the whole thing moving to the top of the hill. It's interesting to note that there are no other tire marks on the ground before Ryan has his run filmed.

That means they did this thing on the first take.

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Once he gets to the top, Ryan meets up with his buddy, teammate, and beard enthusiast Pat Goodin. The two decide it's time to take on the hill together, and tandem drift action is next on tap. The video is an excellent way to get your head moving in the morning, even if you're at work because... come on.


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