The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is a supremely ridiculous machine. It has a body modeled after a future spaceship we haven't yet built. Power, of which there's plenty, is provided by a 6.5-liter V-12 engine that roars like an angry Kaiju set to do battle somewhere along the Pacific Rim. Finally, the price tag is high enough that you could instead take that money and buy a nice condo in Huntington Beach with enough money left over for a comfortable Lexus LS460.

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It's absurd, but in the best ways possible--assuming you want everyone to see you coming and hear you going.

The driving dynamics certainly aren't perfect, however, as the car suffers from a surprising amount of understeer and the brakes leave a bit to be desired. Still, straight line blasts are unreal, and the previously mentioned engine roar will leave you grinning like a newly arrived Joker landing in Gotham. You've gone mad. Your brain is ruined. You must find more tunnels, and additional miles of empty road upon which you can explore the distant reaches of the Aventador's digital tachometer.

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It's a car with flaws, and a car that can bring you immense joy. Maybe it's not the Joker after all... maybe it's Two-Face.


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