With the high content of carbon fiber found in its cars, Lamborghini has established its own repair service that has the right equipment and technical staff to properly deal with the advanced composite material. In some cases, staff will even fly out to fix the cars, avoiding the hassle of shipping them back to Lamborghini’s factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy.

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Now, Lamborghini has obtained certification from the influential safety organization TÜV. The certification is specifically for Lamborghini’s carbon fiber repair service, making Lamborghini the first automaker to receive such certification.

The certification was issued for the requirements of accountability, traceability, reliability, punctuality and accuracy of the service offered by Lamborghini, following a series of audits performed by TÜV’s independent assessors. Such a wide scope is possible because Lamborghini is the only manufacturer that manages the entire carbon fiber process in-house, from simulation to design, production, testing, quality control, and repair.

Lamborghini’s carbon fiber repair service has been active since 2011, following the launch of the carbon fiber-intensive Aventador. A common technique used by the unit’s staff is to reapply carbon fiber to damaged areas of cars using heat-generating tools. Of course in some cases the cars will be too badly damaged to be repaired and thus written-off. This is usually the case when there is extensive damage to the internal structures of the cars.

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''Quality is a fundamental value in our company philosophy and underlies our success,” Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in a statement. “We are therefore proud to be the first automotive company on a global level to receive this certification, which marks a further milestone in achieving the complete satisfaction of each and every customer."


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