Only yesterday we brought you details of a McLaren 650S Spider that crashed in Austria. Now we have details of a crash involving the car’s Italian rival in neighboring Germany. This sorry looking Ferrari 458 Italia is only a month old but it’s already likely destined for the scrapheap.

It was involved in a crash in the German city of Hannover, a crash that occurred during a test drive. According to police, the 458 Italia was being driven aggressively despite some wet conditions.

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After coming from the left and initially overtaking a slower moving vehicle, the driver then attempted to take an exit at which point the car spun out of control. Despite the car spinning and ending up on its roof, the 47-year-old driver and his 69-year-old passenger were unharmed.

The dealership selling the car had it on display at a stadium in Hannover, which is why it's wearing all the promotional gear. For more photos taken at the crash site, head to NW News.

Sadly, this is actually the second Prancing Horse that we know of this year to have been wrecked during a test drive. Another crashed in Ferrari’s Maranello home back in July. Click here to watch a video of the event unfold.


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