If you’ve ever hungered for a Ferrari F40, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever wanted an even more uncorked racing version of the F40, but still legal to drive on the street, you’re exactly the right kind of crazy. And now it’s possible.

Wearing LM-spec front and rear body shells made of carbon fiber, plus unique doors, aerodynamic elements, an upgraded engine, and other LM-esque improvements, this 1992 Ferrari F40 is the perfect mix of street and track.

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Of course, it costs $1.25 million. But that’s a relative bargain compared to, say, a Manhattan apartment the size of a very large shoe box.

Listed on Hemmings, shared by Bring A Trailer, and found via Jalopnik’s Car Buying sub-blog, this F40 is lighting the enthusiast world on fire with debate over whether it's an amazing upgrade or a heretical travesty.

If you're on the amazing upgrade side of the fight, all you have to do is light your bank account on fire to own it. If you think it's a tragic loss of a rare supercar, you might want to burn it to the ground.

Either way, the question is the same: would you like some matches?

1992 Ferrari F40 converted to LM spec. Images via Hemmings.

1992 Ferrari F40 converted to LM spec. Images via Hemmings.