What starts out as a dream test drive of a Ferrari through the streets of Maranello, the home of the Prancing Horse, soon turns into a nightmare for one young man recently. This video from YouTube user Testdrive maranello ITALIA shows the man driving a Ferrari California in Maranello, with an instructor in the front passenger seat and what’s likely to be a mate in the back.

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After an initial close call during a lane change in traffic early on, the roads open up and the driver hits the throttle. The test drive continues and during a turn at the 3:26 mark a little too much gas causes the tail to start spinning. The instructor tries to help but it’s too late. The car continues to spin and then crashes into a small retaining wall.

A loud bang is followed by the instructor muttering a few words in Italian, which we’re told were warnings the driver should have slowed down as well as a few expletives. Fortunately, on one was injured in the crash.

Note, the model being tested is the original California introduced back in 2008 and not the latest California T from earlier this year.

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