Last year, BJ Baldwin drove his trophy truck in an entirely awesome manner for a short video called Recoil. That clip was entertaining. Now, Ballistic is back with a new video called Recoil 2... and it's amazing.

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Baldwin has teamed up with his pal Dan Bilzerian, noted rich guy living a great life, to set the stage for Recoil 2. It starts with a chopper, some bikini clad women, and the town of Ensenada, Mexico. Baldwin has to make it to the beach within 20 minutes after they drop him at his waiting truck.

The way that Baldwin gets to the beach is part of what makes the video such an excellent bit of visual and aural candy. Another part is that the team behind it is lead creatively by Hoonigan's Brian Scotto. That's why the camera shots are as perfect as the matching music and stunts. This may be Scotto's best work, with his previous top-tier video work falling under the Gymkhana family of films.

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We know you're at work, but take a minute to pop in your headphones and press play on this one. Recoil 2 is worth your time.


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